I help realtors increase income, efficiency, and inner peace.

Hi. My name is Clint Pardoe. I’m a former Communication Professor turned Business Coach who, since 2006, has been a Speaker and Coach in the real estate industry.

The biggest challenge I see REALTORS facing today is that they are bombarded by real estate companies and coaches with too much information, often not the best information, leaving them feeling stuck, disorganized, and/or overwhelmed.

My biggest gift is the ability to simplify things and I have simplified best research and practices to help REALTORS increase their income, efficiency, and inner peace called The Zen Realtor. In addition to my coaching programs, I speak across the U.S. and have put together a simplified version of my presentation in the form of a 30 minute private webinar that you can access immediately (no sign up needed) and watch from anywhere. If you’re a REALTOR and are interested in experiencing a new way of doing business, simply click the button below to check it out.