Clint PardoeA former Communication Professor turned Business Coach, Clint Pardoe has been a Speaker and Coach in the real estate industry since 2006.

Clint has successfully coached newer REALTORS, experienced REALTORS, and Team Leaders/Managers from real estate companies throughout the United States.

Renowned for his ability to simplify the complex, he provides REALTORS with a simplified approach to increase income, efficiency, and inner peace.

The Zen Realtor


One of the biggest challenges REALTORS face today is constant bombardment by real estate companies and coaches with too much information, often not the best information, leaving them feeling stuck, disorganized, and/or overwhelmed.

One of Clint’s biggest gifts as a Coach in the real estate industry is his ability to simplify things and, in his coaching program The Zen Realtor, he goes deeper into sharing simplified best research and practices to more effectively support REALTORS who are truly committed to increasing their income, efficiency, and inner peace.

Coaching program participants will…

  • Set up the three foundational principles necessary for long-term success
  • Learn, implement, and be consistent with four proven lead generation strategies
  • Continue to consistently lead generate amidst increased business growth

"I would have quit."

“I am confident that I would have quit real estate in my first year had I not participated in Clint’s coaching program. Since then, my business continues to grow and I consistently close more deals every year!!”

Leanne Staas

Realtor, Keller Williams, Tracy, CA

"Almost 10x my sales."

“I went from $850,000 to $8,000,000 in sales volume in ONE year-there are a lot of big name coaches in the industry and nothing compares to Clint.”

Shannon Pederson

Realtor, Coldwell Banker, Los Gatos, CA

"Closed 16 additional deals."

“The year before working with Clint I closed 2 transactions-this past year I closed 18-and grossed $438,000.”

Kevin Pickett

Realtor, Sotheby’s, San Carlos, CA

"Tripled my sales."

“In my first year working with Clint, I TRIPLED my sales from the year before and made over $300,000.”

Ilana Nahouraii

Realtor, Referral Realty, Cupertino, CA

"More consistent and balanced."

“Clint makes your business clear, concise, and attainable. My production went up to 30 transactions this past year and I have learned to be more consistent and balanced. I highly recommend Clint to any real estate agent.”

Adrian Goss

Realtor, Keller Williams, Modesto, CA

"Doubled my sales and built out a team."

“Clint helped me grow my business from $13 million to $26 million in sales volume while supporting me in building out a team along the way.”

Brad Gill

Co-owner/Realtor, Next Home, San Jose, CA

"Now I have my own real estate company."

“Clint is one of the most insightful people I have ever met-he changed the game for me by suggesting that I specialize in Eichler and Mid-Century Modern homes. Now I have my own real estate company where Clint has shared his expertise, care, and motivation with my agents. I would recommend him to any realtor looking to improve their business and also their quality of life.”

Monique Lombardelli

CEO/Realtor, Modern Homes Realty, Palo Alto, CA

"Far more successful and time to smell the roses."

“Clint is a great motivator who was able to channel my business philosophies and energy into a clear path. Before him, my wife described my business life as a ‘ping pong ball in a dryer’. Now, with his guidance to a more simple path, not only is my business far more successful, but I have the time freedom to smell the roses.”

Ben Strock

CEO/Realtor, Strock Real Estate, Aptos, CA

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