About Clint Pardoe

For over 15+ years, I have been building what is now called “Zen Real Estate”.
Here you’ll learn about: Who I help, What I do, My philosophy, My story, and My team.

Who I help

I help new, established, and advanced Realtors. Many such Realtors are constantly bombarded by organizations, companies, and coaches with tons of information about “success”, ironically leaving them feeling stuck, disorganized, and/or overwhelmed.

What I do

I offer a simplified approach to help Realtors increase their income, efficiency, and inner peace. I call this Zen Real Estate. I do this through my speaking and coaching programs.

My philosophy

Zen Real Estate is built on 5 core principles:

1. Conscious communication – be aware of who you’re being and how you’re listening

2. Healthy self-care – take care of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self

3. Efficient time-management – make clients first, manage clients second

4. Powerful action – set goals and get support on achieving them

5. Service – be loving and direct, making your business about your clients’ success

My story

Part 1: Growing up

I was born and raised in Silicon Valley, the now high-tech capital of the world. Because of this, I decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in Business, however, as I was about to graduate, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. This, combined with the ending of a romantic relationship, led to anxiety, which led to depression, which led to some soul searching. I spent the next year waiting tables and reading personal growth and development books.

Part 2: Graduate school

Inspired by a former Communication Professor, I decided to go to graduate school to teach the subject matter and, after a few years of teaching at the college level, did post-graduate work in Leadership Coaching where I also began coaching entrepreneurs. Given that I taught public speaking, I added speaking to my repertoire and started speaking at companies like Apple, etc. I was teaching, speaking, and coaching.

Part 3: Real estate

My coach at the time invited me to co-lead a presentation with him at a local real estate company and, shortly thereafter, I was coaching new Realtors, established Realtors, and the #1 Managing Broker from that company. I was told that my approach to business wasn’t being taught by anyone else in the real estate industry. Within a few years, most of my clients were Realtors.

Part 4: The crash

After attempting to be superhuman for a decade (the best teacher, speaker, coach, husband, father), I crashed – I became physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually exhausted. I took six weeks off to rest and, as I started to more healthily re-enter my life, the market crashed – my income plummeted, we lost our home, and my wife-at-the-time, our two children, and I moved in with my mother-in-law. I spent the next few years doing as much as I could to stay afloat.

Part 5: Letting go

A Realtor client of mine turned his independent brokerage into a major real estate company franchise and I was hired to lead the transition and launch of this new venture – I let go of teaching, speaking, and coaching. About a year later, I was unexpectedly let go – turned out they valued more, quantity, and chaos. I valued less, quality, and peace. “Zen Real Estate” was born.

My team

We are a team of five humans and a cat.

Clint Pardoe

Clint Pardoe

Speaker & Coach

Damon Mahoney

Damon Mahoney

Graphic Designer

Anita Barsca

Anita Barsca


Estee Horn

Estee Horn


John Wooten

John Wooten

Web Designer



Zen Cat

Contacting me

The best way to contact me is via email – clint@clintpardoe.com

You can follow me on YouTube here and Facebook here.

You can access my free training here.