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Clint has successfully coached REALTORS to consistently make six-figures without working all of the time and losing their mind.

Coaching participants…


•  Get full access to a complete video training library

•  Receive coaching support directly from Clint

•  Are invited to participate in weekly meditations and annual retreats

"$300,000. Honor my time. Value myself."

“In the first 30 days of working with Clint, I got a listing that I wouldn’t have otherwise and it paid for the entire program and more. Then I ended up TRIPLING my sales from the year before and made over $300,000. All while learning to value myself and honor my time more in the process.”

Ilana Nahouraii

Ilana Nahouraii

REALTOR, Referral Realty

"$438,000. Focused. Take care of myself."

“The year before working with Clint I closed 2 transactions-I wasn’t focused nor taking good care of myself. During the program, I closed 18 transactions and grossed $438,000. I’m now much more focused, take way better care of myself, and have quality time with my wife and kids.”

Kevin Pickett

Kevin Pickett

REALTOR, Keller Williams

"Over 40 transactions. Consistent. Balanced."

“Using the lead generation strategies Clint teaches in the program, I stopped spending $6,000/month on Zillow and ended up DOUBLING my income, closing over 40 transactions. And I have learned to be more consistent and balanced. A lot of coaches out there will tell you to work 12 hours/day, to hustle and grind, whereas Clint will tell you to rest, recover, and focus more on yourself.”

Adrian Gross

Adrian Goss


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