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Awaken to and live more of your full potential.

Wake Up Call gives you the on-line meditations, conversations, and community
necessary to awaken to and live more of your full potential.

Who it’s for

Wake Up Call is for you if you’re a college student who wants to experience who you truly Are and integrate it into your daily life – something inside of you knows there’s more. If this is you, you’re probably not getting the support you need from any college, religion, or relatable human.

What it helps you to achieve

Wake Up Call will help you achieve the following:

  • Awaken to who you Are
  • Live more of your full potential

What students are saying

❤️ Resonates with me deeply. ❤️

“As a college student on a spiritual path, what Clint speaks and dialogues about means a lot – it resonates with me deeply. I truly feel connected with everyone, everything, and the Universe.”

Student, Ohlone College

OHLONE College

How it works

Wake Up Call gives you everything you need to achieve this transformation:

  • Meditation: Learn to meditate or deepen your meditation practice
  • Conversation: Ask questions about waking up, navigating post-awakening, or Life
  • Community: Connect with college students on a spiritual path from around the world

How to participate

If you’re a college student interested in awakening to and living more of your full potential –

Simply enter your name and email address below to get free access to the live monthly Zoom calls.

watching video call

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